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Barn Weddings, Fabric Flowers and the Wedding Planner

Wedding planners. What a fantastic concept! To help a bride pull together one of the most important days of her life, he or she can be invaluable. My friend, Renea owns a wedding planning company, Elite Coordinators.  She also owns Personal Tux . The woman is a powerhouse! She contacted me about one of  her brides needing bridal bouquets. I wish you could all meet Renea, she is becoming a good friend. Crazy, funny, sassy, drop dead gorgeous, and the consummate professional when planning an event. No, she won’t pick up your wedding cake from the baker, but she sure will delegate who will.


Her bride, Hannah loves everything vintage. She is getting married at her family’s barn. Perfect for her and her fiance. Very sentimental. We  met up at Renea’s office to discuss details. It was an 8am meeting and we didn’t leave until 11:00. It was fun. More like friends chatting and trying not to eat all of the yummy pastries Renea was so sweet to provide first thing in the morning.


Hannah told me she has buttons, brooches, doilies, and grandma’s lace. Once I heard “grandma’s lace”….that did it for me! I knew we would be a perfect match. I am beyond excited to start working on her bouquets. We’ve decided on a button bouquet for her and her sister (the maid of honor), but I’m going to make fabric flower bouquets for the rest of the bridal party. Fabric flowers, sigh… new love. The richness of the fabrics, the colors, the texture. They are oh so pretty.IMG_0603


   It’s a bit overwhelming to be a young bride to be and plan all of those details. How much better to have someone else handle the planning. You get to be stress free and enjoy the journey. Someone to bounce all of those ideas off of, but will keep you grounded as well. Reminding you that you do have a budget when you start showing all of those Pinterest ideas.


Who better than a planner to find you someone who can make you something that no one else has, be it a bouquet made out of buttons, fabric, brooches, or a combination of all three? Had Renea not known me through networking Hannah may not have decided to be so unique on her wedding day. So, what do you think? Would you forgo traditional flowers for something completely different? Hannah’s bouquets will last a lifetime and guess what? No wilting, no watering, no lost petals. Perfect for a barn wedding.

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Faded Silks

     What to do…..what to do? I found an amazing cache of faded silk flowers at a local thrift store. They were brand new with tags, but were faded beyond use, or so one would think. I just couldn’t pass them up at $1 .99  per bunch. I scooped up all 6 bunches.

Faded Silks

Faded Silks

I’m a huge fan of YouTube. You can find just about any “how To” video that you can imagine. I was looking for a tutorial on how to dye silk flowers. Spray mists were recommended. “Find them in scrapbooking stores.”, said the instructor. Sheesh! They are expensive and such tiny little spray bottles too. Back to YouTube I went to find a tutorial on “how to” make your own spray mists. Voila’, I could make just about any color myself, add sparkle, add glitter, pearlize it, the choices were endless. See how a few spritzes of homemade spray mist bring those faded flowers back to life? I even (by mistake) learned how to make tie-dyed flowers. FUN!!! Not all mistakes have to be tragic.IMG_0534


Re purpose, every chance you get. Don’t just think outside the box, throw the box away! You just might discover something fantastic that very few can imagine.IMG_0541



Homemade spray mist:

*3 oz spray bottle (make sure it will spray and not stream)

*rubbing alcohol (I used 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol)

*any color acrylic paint (I used FolkArt metallic acrylic paints)

Separate silk flowers and spread out all layers. Fill spray bottle about 3/4 of the way full with alcohol and add paint. Shake until paint is well incorporated. Spritz your flowers and let air dry. You may want to do several spritzings, depending on desired color. Glue back together and add pretty embellishment.

** There are many YouTube videos out there if you would like to watch a demonstration.

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Women’s Night of Whimsy

So, last Friday evening the sis and I went out to a local antique mall. It was for an event called Women’s Night of Whimsy. It was the first year for this type of event that benefited  The Julian Center, a local organization that helps victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and other life crises. They had wine tasting, snacks, and pop up vendors along with their permanent booths filled with all kinds of goodies. I can tell you that they need to change a few things around next year. You don’t have 300 plus woman in a place that says there will be wine and then make them wait 20 minutes in line for said beverage. They should have had someone passing out complimentary wine like they do at cocktail parties. Everyone knows once the wine starts flowing the purse strings magically open, but then again maybe that’s just me.

It was a great evening. Not only did I get to hang out with my little sister, I also got to do one of my most favorite activities……..for vintage items. I could have spent the whole evening pouring through old buttons, brooches, hats, gloves, pictures and such. I hit the jackpot when I found rhinestone buttons. They will look beautiful in someone’s bridal button bouquet and/or hairpiece. Oh, the possibilities!

Walking into The Southport Antique Mall is an adventure. The place is huge, 30,000 square feet! It seems to go on and on forever with so much to see and touch. The sights may well remind you of your parents or grandparents. The shocking part for me is when I see something from my own childhood! How can that be? I’m not  old, but then I gaze upon that Barbie jet  my little sister and I used to play with and realize with sudden clarity that indeed to some I am old. Old enough to have childhood toys in an antique mall!

Making the climb upstairs to their newly renovated Gypsy Boutique was a vintage lover’s dream. Filled with wedding gowns, veils, formal wear, hats, gloves, and shoes, I get goosebumps just remembering. The Sony and Cher Show was playing in the background. I was in heaven. I took some pictures with my phone. It really didn’t do any justice to the loveliness I found within (my apologies). Sis and I kept repeating “This reminds me of mom.” It was fun to travel back just for a little while and laugh at the things people used to wear or sigh at the beautiful things that we wish we could pull off, sadly we have a little too much poundage to fit into those tiny exquisite pieces from the past.

I think Julie and I need to stop by again real soon. After all, I could bring my good camera and get some really awesome pictures, not to mention buttons, brooches, hats, etc….Vubtage hat with veilvintage veilsphoto1

Bits and Bobbles

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     Do you ever connect with a stranger right away? Feel like you have known them for more than just a few minutes? Sometimes this happens with me and my brides. I call them my brides because that’s how I affectionately feel about them while we are working together.

     Chasity and I had been chatting back and forth by email. She found me through an online bridal source, . We met once at Panera, where I showed her different styles of bridal bouquets that I can make. We chatted about her family, her groom( Shane), her fur baby (Zeke), her job, and the wedding. She showed me pictures of the venue and her gorgeous wedding gown. I also got to meet her friend, Kristi. It was one of those meetings where you connect and feel like you’ve known each other for a long while. We laughed, joked, and before I realized it almost 2 hours had gone by! That’s when you know it’s going to be a good fit.

     Last night we met again and I was handed lots of little treasures; buttons, a Japanese coin, a best friend’s ring, brooches, a pearl necklace, and a few other items.  All have meaning. All are treasured. Everyone jumped right in with offerings for her button bouquet. Grandmas, mom, future mother in law, and old friends just to name a few. What fun, what heartbreak, to hear of how some of these bits were acquired. Unfortunately some of the people these items represent are no longer with us. Chasity wanted to make sure Grandma and Melissa were well represented. I’m not afraid to admit I teared up once or twice hearing her stories of loss, but what a great tribute to these well-loved women. I am excited to incorporate most, if not all these bits in her bouquet.

     Chasity is having a bit of a non traditional wedding. She has some fantastic ideas to make the day one her guests will not likely forget. I  won’t share much about her plans (trust me, they are unique!) until after her September wedding. Hopefully she will send me pictures to share. Until then, I will show you how her bouquet is coming together over the next few weeks. Here is a picture of the lovelies I get to work with.

Treasured bits

Treasured bits