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Mom’s Wedding Dress

I’m amazed and excited every time I meet with a bride 2 b and she brings family items to share in a bridal order. I love listening to the stories behind each piece while I look at her face as she reminisces. I’m amazed because she trusts me to take care of her precious items and to make something that will capture the emotion she feels for her loved one(s).

Some of Grandma's jewels

Some of Grandma’s jewels


I met with Katie a couple of days ago. We had been emailing each other over the course of a few weeks. We even met up one time to discuss possibilities. I was late. By an hour! I take complete responsibility for that. I misunderstood and had the wrong time written down. Luckily for me Katie stuck around and waited for me. We sat down in a Starbucks discussing plans for her wedding. She told me about her mom passing away and how she had her wedding dress, but it was dated and she wasn’t going to wear it. I suggested maybe incorporating her mom’s dress somehow in her bridal bouquet. We chatted about her fiance and how his name, Maco was pronounced like taco, the colors she chose, the location, her style of dress, etc….We parted, both with ideas floating in our heads on how to pull her bouquet together and represent her mother well.

These are just some of the things going into Katie's bouquet

These are just some of the things going into Katie’s bouquet

This definitely has to make it into the bouquet

This definitely has to make it into the bouquet


I couldn’t have planned our last meeting any better, not only did Katie have her mom’s jewelry, she had grandma’s jewelry as well. What fun to look through it all deciding on what pieces definitely have to go into the bouquet and those we will put in if space allows. But the crowning moment was when she handed over her mom’s dress. Certainly dated, but still quite pretty. We will make fabric flowers for Katie’s bouquet, the groom’s boutonniere, and of course the father of the bride boutonniere. Not to worry the dress will not be chopped up. I promise. I have consulted a dear friend of mine, who happens to be an amazing seamstress and together we will deconstruct the dress so that I can make her flowers and Katie will be able to have several pieces of useable material left over in case she ever has something else made down the line. Who knows, perhaps a baby blanket?

So excited to peek inside!

So excited to peek inside!

Mom's dress

Mom’s dress



Pretty veil


Pretty details

Working on a bridal order is an intimate experience for me. My brides will never be just a number. They trust me with their family items. They let me in just a little bit to share in stories and memories. I picture the looks on their faces when they were telling their stories as I work on their bouquets. I want to make something that, I hope, creates a strong emotion. There is nothing better for me than making a bride cry……..happy tears of course!


Loving the sleeves