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Mom’s Dress Part 3, The Big Reveal


Photo courtesy of Photography by Sarah Crail


Photography courtesy of Photography by Sarah Crail

Thank goodness for other kindhearted  wedding pros. I had this idea for the big reveal after I was done making a fabric bridal bouquet. My goal was to capture “that moment”, you know, the one that made all of the effort and contemplation worth all of the hours of worrying. Worrying if I lived up to what I said I could do for the bride.

I met Sarah Crail, Photography by Sarah Crail at an Indy Wedding Ideas networking meeting. I asked her if she would be interested in photographing the big reveal. She didn’t hesitate. She told me it would be an honor. What a wise decision on my part to have asked this talented photographer. You’ll see why in a moment.

God bless Katie. I knew it was going to be somewhat emotional opening the box that contained her bridal bouquet. Emotional because I transformed her mom’s wedding dress into what she would be carrying down the aisle. Emotional because her mom is no longer physically here, but she would be here in spirit and that was a big deal to all of us who participated it this adventure. Katie said yes to the photo shoot. She brought her mom’s sister with her, Aunt Laura.

Right now I am holding my breath praying I got this right

Right now I am holding my breath praying I got this right. Photo courtesy of Photography by Sarah Crail

The big moment

The big moment! Photo courtesy of Photography by Sarah Crail

It was a pretty blustery day as Pooh would say. We had planned to meet up at a local park. Preferably one with flowers, but it was just too cold & rainy. Here comes Sarah to the rescue. She contacted a local B&B, Four Sisters Inn and asked the owner if we could use the space for a couple of hours. The owner so graciously agreed. What a perfect setting! Surrounded by vintage items in a beautiful old house. The place of dreams for me.

Her eyes say it all. This right here makes it all worthwhile.

Her eyes say it all. THIS right here makes it all worthwhile. Photo courtesy of Photography by Sarah Crail

In case you were wondering, the flowers in the bouquet and boutonnieres were entirely made from her mom’s wedding dress. We also made pendants for the girls in the bridal party using lace, organza and appliques from the dress. All were beautifully sentimental, but I just had to sneak a little bit of fun into the ring bearers boutonniere.IMG_2867


I’ve sprinkled some pictures here and there throughout this blog entry. My hope is that others will see what can be done with the old wedding dress that is hanging in the closet. If you are not going to wear it, but it has great sentimental value why not turn it into the piece that you will carry down the aisle? What better way to represent your loved one?

For the girls in the bridal party

Sweet gifts for the girls in the bridal party. Photo courtesy of Photography by Sarah

Something special for Aunt Laura

Something special for Aunt Laura

Many, many thanks to Katie who shared something so very personal with me. It was an honor and great pleasure to make this bouquet for you. I believe wholeheartedly that your mom was smiling down on you and was pleased with your sweet gesture.

And many thanks to Sarah Crail for sharing her time, talent & ingenuity with setting up this wonderful experience.

Four Sisters Inn, you made it a much more comfortable shoot. Your place is absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed checking out all of the wonderful vintage items you have in the home. It made for a perfect backdrop. We are forever grateful.

A tribute to mom

I LOVE this image taken by Photography by Sarah Crail

Lovely shot of the stem & Katie's engagement ring.

Lovely shot of the bouquet stem and Katie’s engagement ring. Photo courtesy of Photography by Sarah Crail

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Technically Challenged

       I took a Google class a few weeks ago. I listened and tried to apply what I have learned even though my head was absolutely spinning with so much information. As someone who grew up way before personal computers were in everyone’s home, this part of business has been challenging to say the least.



25th Wedding Anniversary Boutonniere


Google Plus, Google Voice, Google Drive and finally a Google business email. Grrrrrrrr…..Google business email has me about ready to set my hair on fire and run through the streets screaming. I cannot get it to work correctly. It bounces back to me every time. It will send out just not receive. It’s probably an easy fix to someone who knows what they are doing. Most likely someone who did not know the pleasure of a computer taking up a whole room. That’s right kiddos, there was a time when computers were huge and took up an entire room (I probably just dated myself more than I wanted to).


     How in the world do companies expect people like me to make use of their products when they are not “user/no clue about technology/I’m too old to learn new” friendly? Some of you are probably snickering right now because it’s most likely a simple thing to fix the flipping email issue that I have. Something about “MX Files” and my domain…..blah…blah…blah! I am frustrated and clueless. Ask me to make a bouquet, boutonniere, or hair piece I’ve got you covered. Ask me to fix computer/Internet issues I’m going to look at you like you have a big booger hanging from your nose.


Fabric Flower Boutonniere


Guess it’s time to bite the bullet and call Google. Hopefully it will be someone who actually speaks English as their first language who answers the phone, or I could swallow my pride and beg one of my industry friends to help and hope I don’t hear their snickering, or see them shaking their head as they push a couple of buttons and get me up and running. It takes a village, city, or maybe the world of Google to raise this business.


Sea Shells & Turquoise Corsage